High School Mixed Choir is a non-auditioned choir for students in grades 9-12 who wish to improve their singing and music literacy skills while performing choral music in a variety of styles and genres.

Essential Learning Outcomes:

·       Sing with clear and focused tone, demonstrating correct posture and healthy vocal technique.

·       Perform music in 4 parts with balance, blend, and good intonation.

·       Perform music in a variety of styles, genres, and musical periods demonstrating appropriate performance practice.

·       Select and prepare music to perform in small ensembles or solos for classmates demonstrating growth in performance skills throughout the year (Mini-Concerts).

·       Develop appropriate audience etiquette in support of one another’s in-class performances (Mini-Concerts).

·       Develop musicianship and musical vocabulary through class participation, written and verbal feedback for Mini-Concerts, choir journals, and concert reflections.